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Why was my subscription renewed?

Why do I pay the total subscription cost upfront?

What are my payment options?

Where can I update my billing information?

When does my card get charged?

What is your cancellation policy?

Refund Policy?


I have a defective product!

The Gift of Powered Geek Box

Can I send Powered Geek Box as a gift?

My friend’s box came in damaged?

What happens when it’s my last month of gift subscriptions?

Contact Us

How do I get in contact with Powered Geek Box?

Why isn’t there a phone number?

My Subscription

How can I cancel my monthly subscription box?

How to reset or change my password?

I've ordered my box but I haven't received any shipping information?

Account Sign Up

How to sign up for a plan?

Where is my credit card information being stored?


When are the boxes being shipped out?

Which countries is Powered Geek Box shipment available?

Where is the tracking number?

Can I get my box if I’m not home?

My box is lost or nowhere to be found! Yet the tracking number status says “Delivered”?

I moved and my box has shipped to my old address?

My box hasn’t arrived this month! What do I do?

What are the shipping fees?

Will I receive a confirmation email when my box shipped?

Coupons/Discount Codes

Can I use a coupon code for the gift purchase?

My coupon code isn’t working?